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Best Overseas Education Consultant in Delhi, India

Most In-Demand Courses to Study Abroad for Indian Students

Engineering and Computer Science

Engineering and Computer Science

Engineers are the architects of the future. Wide range of specializations in engineering are mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer science and artificial intelligence etc.

Business and Management

Business and Management

Business is the combination of war and sport. Most popular management courses are MBA, BMS, BBA and many more.

Data Science, IT and Analytics

Data Science, IT and Analytics

Data are summaries of thousands of stories for decision making. Popular courses in demand are data science, big data and machine learning.

Medicine and Healthcare

Medicine and Healthcare

Healthcare means treatment and management of illness. This industry contains a number of popular courses like MBBS, BSN, MD, DO, MPH etc.

Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism

Courses in hospitality management, tourism, and hotel administration are great for those passionate about the hospitality industry.

Law and legal studies

Law and legal studies

Law is the king of all mortal and immortal things. Popular courses in demand for law and legal studies are LLB, LLM, ADR etc.

Choose Your Study Destination

Studying in the USA for world-class education, diverse cultures, and unparalleled opportunities shaping a successful future.

Study in the UK for academic excellence, rich history, cultural diversity, and global networking enhancing future prospects.

Study in Australia for top-notch education, vibrant lifestyle, multicultural exposure, and a welcoming environment fostering personal and professional growth.

Study in Canada for world-class education, diverse culture, and excellent career opportunities after graduation.

Study in Ireland for top-ranked universities, English language courses, friendly environment, and rich cultural experiences.

Our Services

Career Guidance by Overseas education wala
Career Guidance
We offer career guidance services from school to university courses.
Admission Assistance by Overseas education wala
Admission Assistance
Get complete admission assistance for world’s best universities/colleges.
College selection By Overseas education wala
College selection
We help you to choose the best institution as per your interest and budget as we have tied up with world’s top institutions.
Counselling & Support by Overseas education wala
Counselling & Support
Counselling plays major role while choosing the career. Our Expert counsellor offer best services.

Get ready for the arrival in broad with Overseas Educationwala. It is one of the premier educational service providers enlisting for a large number of institutions globally.   We guide students dreaming of studying in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia. We are enthusiastic to be the first one to guide the aspirants.

We are a prominent, accomplished organization providing foremost directions to Indian students to seek higher education across the board. We have been contributing services for a long time and are acknowledged by a large number of educational institutions.  A lot of students have believed us and have gained fruitful results.

Study abroad consultants in new Delhi

Our Mission And Vision

We believe in uncovering all areas of education and serving students to start with a clean slate abroad by following a few principles. We are obsessed with providing top notch services. These principles are a gold mine for us.

  • Perform according to the appeal of students.
  • Prioritizing and maintaining the importance of education worldwide.
  • Keep alive transmitting the highest quality information related to educational services to students and universities.


Our purpose is to maintain and circulate education internationally and remove the upcoming obstacles during the educational journey of the students.


We desire to pervade a culture of empathy, talent, and constant improvement. We visualize a world where borders are bridges and divergence is celebrated


Career Counselling


University Tie ups


Successfully Project


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Top Universities Abroad

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Deblina Khanna
Deblina Khanna
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
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I want to express my heartiest thanks to Overseas Educationwala for their best services to study abroad. Their knowledgeable staff and best career counselors guided me with proper information for the course of engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in USA. Trust me everyone they will help you with other services related to VISA and accommodations too.
Harish Suri
Harish Suri
Stanford University, USA
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Choosing Overseas Educationwala was the best decision for my career. It was always my dream to study abroad but I was not aware of where to start. Then I came to know about it. They provided me with personalized counseling for my career abroad by referring to the best course according to my interest. They also helped me in the VISA process and paper work by proper guidance. I had opted for Engineering course in Stanford University from USA I am now settled happily. Thank you so much for your assistance.
Aruna Kapoor
Aruna Kapoor
Australian Catholic University (ACU), Australia
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I highly recommend Overseas Educationwala for their exceptional service. Their professional guidance was beyond my expectation. They helped me in every step towards my dream of studying abroad. I am pursuing MBA in Australian Catholic University (ACU) from Australia. Thanks a lot.
Rajveer Kashyap
Rajveer Kashyap
University of Nebraska at Kearney, USA
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I highly recommend Overseas Educationwala for their outstanding services to study abroad. They are dedicated professionals and provide thorough guidance in every step of immigration process. I am pursuing MBA From University of Nebraska at Kearney in USA. Thank you for making my dream come true.
Manjot Singh
Manjot Singh
Cardiff University, UK
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I am really grateful to Overseas Educationwala for their commendable support and expertise. Their team guided me through the complete process of immigration. They turned my dream to study abroad into a smooth and successful journey. I had chosen MBA course as my career from Cardiff University  in UK

Frequently Asked Questions

While choosing the right country for studying abroad, do check the following features-

  • Academic programs
  • Cost of living and tuition
  • Language of instruction
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Quality of life
  • Visa requirements
  • Career opportunities

For more details, contact the team of Overseas Education Wala.

Well, this depends on the course you opt for. According to the course you can check out how many universities are providing that course. But to reduce your struggle for the search for the course and university, you can contact us. We offer full detailed information about everything you ask for.

Sources of scholarship-

  • Scholarships start with proper research.
  • Consult the universities also. Most universities offer their own scholarship programs.
  • Check out online scholarship databases such as portals. These platforms offer scholarships to international students.
  • Contact your academic staff and seek advice.

Do follow these steps while applying to foreign universities-

  • Research for universities and programs.
  • Check admission requirements.
  • Standard test.
  • Letter of recommendation.
  • Financial documents.
  • Complete the application form and submit it. Submit application materials and appear for the interviews.
  • Wait for the answer.
  • Apply for a visa and you are good to go.

The living costs for international students depend on the country, city and lifestyle choices. Various things must be taken into consideration-

  • Tuition fees.
  •  Accommodations.
  • Utilities and transportation.
  • Food, groceries and health insurance.
  • Books and personal expenses
  • Visa and residence permit fees.

Yes, international students have work opportunities while studying. There are some on campus and off campus jobs. There are some rules and regulations which you have to follow while working because universities have their own protocols.

Process of visa application-

  • Receive admission offers and check visa requirements.
  • Complete visa application form.
  • Health checkup.
  • Proof of financial expenses.
  • Submit application and pay fees.
  • Wait for processing
  • Visa interview
  • Visa approval

Requirements documents for visa process

  • Passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • Visa application form
  • Proof of visa fee submission

Tips for your safety-

  • Research and understand the local culture.
  • Register with your embassy.
  • Stay informed about safety.
  • Keep some emergency contacts.
  • Health insurance

Here are some cultural differences you should be aware of-

  • Communication style
  • Personal space
  • Time management
  • Cultural values
  • Greetings and etiquettes
  • Hierarchy and respect

Career prospects after completing studies overseas-

  • Enhancement in cultural competence.
  • Increased networking opportunities.
  • Access to specialized education.
  • Post-graduation work opportunities.
  • Entry in multinational corporations.
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