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Study in Ireland: Explore Leading Universities, Scholarships, Fees, and Enrollment Opportunities for Your Future Success.

Studying in Ireland is more than just earning a degree, it’s a catalyst for well-rounded education along with personal growth and wisdom. Rooted in history of suppleness and quest of knowledge, the education system of Ireland has evolved greatly into a dynamic framework. From the early stages of primary education to the advanced palatinate of tertiary institutions, Ireland commits to provide a high quality learning experience.

Ireland has enlisted itself as a fulcrum of technology and innovation along with a focus on the development of knowledge based economy. The country presents a welcoming and friendly environment, quality education and post study opportunities which makes it a charismatic destination for international students. So, embark on your academic growth without hesitation.

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Study in Ireland Benefits

Admirable Education

Ireland is the penthouse to various world class universities and institutions that are entitled for wonderful academic excellence and research contributions. Students are provided with an ideal standard of education globally by this nation.

English language environment

The primary language of Ireland is English. Also,  English has become the international language that can be used worldwide for communication. This makes the survival of Indian and international students quite easy in Ireland.

Friendly and safe environment

Universities of Ireland furnish a friendly and safe environment to all international students. They treat everyone equally just like their residents. Hence, it’s a safe and amiable destination for all students who all are planning to study abroad.

1.  Global perspective: Universities of Ireland help students to develop a global perspective among their students with the help of a diverse and multicultural environment. They keep on organizing festivals, cultural events and other celebrations for the overall enhancement of their student’s personality.

2.  Innovation and technology hub: Ireland is a hub of a large number of global tech companies. With the help of these companies they are able to create opportunities in the fields like science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

3.  Cultural experience:  Universities of Ireland are full of cultural heritage emphasizing on arts, literature and music. Students can easily immerse themselves in Irish culture and traditions. While studying students can easily gather knowledge about Irish’s history, art and people.

4. Post – study work opportunity: Ireland offers enormous post-study work opportunities to the international students which allows them to stay in the country and work for a specific time period after the completion of their studies. Post Study Work (PSW) opportunity is known as the Stay Back Option.  The duration of stay back option depends upon the level of qualification achieved by the students i.e. Level 8 (Bachelor’s Degree), Level 9 (Post Graduate Diploma), Level 10 (Master’s Degree), and Level 11 (Doctoral Degree).

5.  Access to European Union: Ireland’s EU membership allows students to travel easily within the EU and experience diverse cultures. The other benefits of EU memberships include economic support, access to the single market, trade agreements, common agricultural policy, freedom of movement, peace and stability, collaboration in security and defense etc.

6.  Natural beauty: Ireland’s beauty lies not only in attractive sceneries but also in the spirit of persistence. It is the home to eye-catching mountain ranges, lakes and oceans like MacGillcuddy’s Reeks Mountains, the Mourne Mountains and the lake of Lough Corrib etc.

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7.  Scholarship opportunities: The Irish government, educational institutions and different organizations provide enormous scholarship programs to the international students. Some of them are –

  • Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship
  • Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Irish Aid Fellow Training Program
  • University College Dubin Scholarships
  • National University of Ireland Galway Scholarships and many more.

8.  English Literature and Language Studies: Ireland has a rich literary history and a unique English learning environment. There are various courses related to English literature for both graduation as well as post-graduation levels.  Students having interest in English learning can give a thought to study in Ireland.

9.  Networking and Industry Connections: Networking opportunities at Irish universities allow students to connect with professionals, academics and peers. Universities keep on organizing networking events, career fairs and workshops regularly. These events come up with extensive opportunities for the students to get connected with recruiters, employers, industry experts and professionals etc.

10.  Quality of life: In Ireland, students are offered a high quality of life with modern amenities, healthcare, a well-developed infrastructure as well as recreational facilities, sports club and fitness programs.

Eligibility Criteria to study in Ireland

  • For undergraduate programs, students must have completed the secondary education and a school leaving qualification that must be equivalent to an Irish leaving certificate.
  • For postgraduate programs, students must have a relevant bachelor’s degree from a recognised university.
  • English should be proficient with standardized tests like TOEFL, IELTS and PTE.
  • Some courses may require a GRE or GMAT test.
  • Student visa is compulsory.
  • Application form must be submitted on time.
  • Students must be able to demonstrate the evidence of all the expenses including food, tuition fee, living expenses and other expenses etc.
  • Some universities may ask for health insurance. So arrange it also.
  • Letter of recommendation from academic staff.
  • Some programs may require an interview as a part of the application process.
  • Completion of application process and submission of necessary documents is compulsory.

However, the criteria could be variable depending upon the standards and requirements of the selected course and university. To clarify any query or obtain further information, please contact Overseas Education Wala.  Being a team of immigration consultants, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to embark your journey towards Ireland. The sooner you start, the sooner you will thrive. Begin your journey of studying abroad today with our team of immigration consultants. Go! Get! Grow!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are various benefits of choosing Ireland for studies. Some of them are the English language environment, friendly and global connections opportunities, world class and globally recognized degrees, cultural richness, access to the European Union and a lot more.

Ireland is home to several universities and colleges welcoming international students. Some of them are-

  • Trinity College Dublin
  • Dublin City University 

There are lots of admission requirements for international students in universities of Ireland. These include 10+2 or 10+3 years of education for undergraduate and bachelor’s degree is required for post graduate programs, English language proficiency, transcripts and certificates, letter of recommendation, statement of purpose, interview(if required). But requirements may differ as per university standards.

Steps to be followed for students visa in Ireland-

  • Acceptance into course then online submission of visa application.
  • Submission of necessary documents and fee.
  • Attending biometrics appointment and submission of necessary documents.
  • Visa process and final decision. At last, arrival in Ireland.

Living costs in Ireland include accommodation, food, transportation, utilities, health insurance, entertainment, clothing, personal expenses etc. depending on the lifestyle chosen.

Tuition fee depends on the study program chosen whether graduate, post graduate or doctoral.

Yes, there are various scholarships available for international students. Few of them are Government of Ireland International Students Scholarship, University scholarships, Research scholarships, Subject specific scholarships, Country specific scholarships, corporate scholarships and many more.

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