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Are you ready to unlock an academic journey to Canadian universities with captivating courses, scholarships and fees?

Canada is not only a land of astounding landscapes but a sanctuary of knowledge where the richness of education flows like majestic rivers to nourish and sustain the individual. Canadian universities and the education system commit to excellence and innovation of perspectives.

The Canadian education system balances between imaginative understanding and practical skills which enhance critical thinking, creativity that encompasses learning. These universities continuously encourage research opportunities, diverse environments and academic brilliance among the international students for their overall development. The government of Canada endorses the quality and ease of access to education. They prepare them for a zestful and globalized world.

The pliancy in the Canadian education system authorizes international students to explore their passion and interest in studies by promoting skilled and adaptive learning experience. These universities are continuously working for the configuration of student’s futures by preparing them for the upcoming demands of the modern world. Aspiring learners can find Canada not only for academic excellence but also for transformative educational experience.

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Why choose Canada for studies?

1.  World class learning: Canada is the hub to a large number of eminent universities and colleges.  They are dedicated to providing a level of education that is unmatched in quality. They not only provide the best education but also nurture innovation and creative minds.

2.  Diverse and inclusive society:  Canada promotes multicultural environments where people from various backgrounds live and thrive together. Students experience a peaceful blend of traditions, customs and languages.

3.  Safe and peaceful environment:  Canada is well known for its safe environment throughout the world. They prioritize environmental protection like clear air, water and all other conditions which impact the health of residents.

4.  Research opportunities: Students are provided with various research opportunities under the supervision of faculty members. Students are provided mentorship by world class and innovative faculties in their projects who guide them with latest ideas and resources. Canada has specific research opportunities for undergraduates including funding, workshops and resources for their support.

5.  Internationally recognized degrees: Degrees acquired from Canada are universally recognized and respected and also beneficial in enhancing career opportunities as well as further education. These degrees help them to develop a global mindset along with flexibility and interpersonal skills which are majorly required in a career abroad.

6.  English and French language options: Canada has both English and French as their official languages. The survival of Non-English and Non-French speakers is very easy.   So, while studying in Canadian universities, students have the chance to learn and become proficient in both the languages.

7.  Work opportunities for students: In Canada, students are allowed to work both part-time and full time. They can work during scheduled breaks which provides them experience and earning for financial support. They are also provided with remote jobs and can also become a freelancer.

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8.  Post-graduation work permit (PGWP): PGWP is beneficial for graduate students. But the graduation must be from Canada only. Duration of PGWP depends on the length of the program and it must be of at least 8 months. The experience gained during PGWP is valuable.

9.  Quality of life: The life of Canada is ranked high globally for its well-developed infrastructure, modern facilities and advanced technologies. Along with that universities and colleges are provided with student support services like counseling, academic advising and career services.

10.  Stunning natural landscapes: The beauty of Canada is admired globally.  The Great Lakes, The shores of Lake Superior, Lake Huron and Lake Ontario demonstrate attractive landscapes and beaches along with a diverse ecosystem. Students can easily explore and enjoy the beauty of the Great White North while pursuing their degrees.

11.  Networking opportunities: Canadian institutions have well-built collaborations with industries which help them to generate employment for their students after the studies. Students can also acquire this networking opportunity to connect with their classmates from diverse backgrounds that might be beneficial in future for professional purposes.

12.  Global perspectives: Interaction of students with students of diverse cultures and backgrounds enriches learning experiences and exposes them to different perspectives, cultures and way of thinking.

13.  Government support for education: Government education of Canada invests a lot in student’s education, providing support for research initiatives, scholarships and infrastructure. It supports financially for both post-secondary institutions and higher education. But financial proof is mandatory.

14.  Quality healthcare system: Canada gives access to all the students in the world-class healthcare system and ensures their well-being that provides peace of mind during their studies.

15.  Immigration opportunities: Canada suggests various immigration pathways to all the international students who wish to stay in the country even after their studies by providing them avenues for long term settlements.

Eligibility criteria to study in Canada

  • Acceptance from a Designated Learning Institution.
  • For undergraduates, 10+2 or 10+3 years of education is compulsory.
  • For graduates, some specific requirements are necessary like letter of recommendation, statement of purpose or portfolio and many more.
  • Valid passport to stay in Canada for the entire duration.
  • English proficiency through standardized tests like IELTS, PTE or TOEFL.
  • Obtain a study permit before coming to Canada for studies.
  • Demonstration of Zero criminal record is a must.
  • Health insurance either through provisional plans or private insurance.
  • In some cases, a medical examination is necessary to study in Canada.

Keep in mind that each university sets its own standards for eligibility.  For additional information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Overseas Education Wala. No matter what the program is, whether graduation, post-graduation, doctorate or short term courses, our support services of the best education consultants are always with you.

As the world is becoming more globalized, the importance of Canadian education is on peak to shape the future of global force. Consider Canada for abroad education and open doors to shape your academic future with an international touch. So, realize your dream of studying overseas with us and give a thought to our immigration services in Delhi.  Overthinking won’t help, just go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Student visa in Canada includes various steps – Receive acceptance from a designated institution, Create an online account and fill the application, Pay fee and submit application, Wait for the processing and finally receive visa approval.

There are a large number of Top universities in Canada – University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, University of Calgary, University of Montreal, University of Ottawa and University of Waterloo.

There are various scholarship programs available for students-

  • Canadian Government Scholarships.
  • University specific scholarships.
  • Private scholarships and programs.
  • Organization specific scholarships.

Yes, international students generally work part time in Canada. Some of them are work-off campus, work on-campus, co-op and internships, language proficiency, social insurance jobs and many more.

Cost of living in Canada for international students include tuition fees, accommodation, food, transportation, health insurance, books and supplies and many more. But the overall expenses depend on the lifestyle you choose for your living.

There are various admission requirements for Canadian universities including- High school diploma, Academic transcripts, English proficiency, Letter of recommendations, Statement of purpose, Proof of financial support (for graduates). But the requirements may vary as per the university guidelines. For this, feel free to get in touch with Overseas Education Wala.

No, only the people of Canada can travel to the US or other neighboring countries but other people or students going for further studies to Canada require a separate visa to move in such countries.

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