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From the colonial era to the modern era, England has played a pivotal role on the world’s stage.  UK is the hub of the oldest and prestigious universities. The universities in England have been at the forefront of groundbreaking discoveries and innovations.  The English education system accentuates research skills, critical thinking and academic rigor. 

Students are prepared to face the rapidly changing world and are promoted with lifelong learning. The multicultural environment enriches the overall educational experience of students and their preparation for collaboration and global citizenship.  English has been accepted as the international language worldwide, so studying in an English speaking country can develop a student’s proficiency by offering a valuable skill in their career.

Greatest scientists like Jagdish Chandra Bose, CV Raman, Venkatraman Ramakrishnan evolved their career with the help of education from UK. The commendable features of British education attracts students globally. There are a large number of students who wish to have education from UK universities. But not everyone is blessed with this golden opportunity. No worries, Overseas Education Wala is here to help you in embarking your educational journey beyond borders. So, challenge yourself to see the world through different lenses and build a global mindset to cut across the boundaries.

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UK University

Why choose UK for education?

1.  World class education: UK is the home to a large number of top class universities having excellent academics and meticulous standards. Degrees earned from the UK are worldwide accepted and respected.

2.  Quality of life:  UK offers a high standard of living along with well-developed infrastructure, public services and healthcare. Students are furnished with a protective and welcoming environment.

3.  Personal Development:  The environment of foreign countries uplifts personal growth and independence. Students are given adaptability, resilience and holistic development.

4.  Access to Europe: The geographical area of the UK authorizes students to explore other countries and cultures during breaks and broadens their global experiences.

5.  Diverse culture: UK is well known to provide a multicultural and sophisticated environment to all international environments. Cultural diversity exposure brings cultural awareness and global outlook.

6.  Language proficiency:  UK studies offers a mesmerizing experience of the English language. This can enhance communication skills which ultimately becomes an asset to career opportunities.

7.  Research opportunities: UK is a well hub for research and innovation. Students are offered research opportunities during their degrees in their field of interest. This helps them with better career opportunities globally.

8.  Career advancements: Degrees from international universities are always considered as an asset everywhere. They are highly valued in the global market which develops the career of an individual.

9.  Global Networking:  UK studies provide a golden chance of making lifelong international connections.  These connections made in a diverse environment are useful for future collaborations and career opportunities.

10.  Post study work opportunities:  Graduation from a country like UK brings post study work opportunities. This allows them to stay and work as per the rules set by the company.

11.  Cultural and historical significance:  UK boasts a rich cultural and historical heritage.  Students can explore museums, landmarks, historical sites which ensures overall development both inside and outside the classroom.

12.  Internship and work opportunities:  UK has a well-built connection with industries along with the studies.  Most of the universities collaborate with a lot of companies which provide internship opportunities, work placements and exposure to the real world.

13.  Global recognition of degrees: Degrees earned from UK universities are recognized worldwide. The lifelong experiences and real life exposure are precious and can promote the career at a high level easily.

14.  Shorter duration of programs: Most of the bachelor’s degrees at UK are of shorter duration as compared to other countries.

15.  Distance and timings: With the invention of flights, reaching the UK has become very easy. It takes only 9-10 hours to reach Britain from India. And from Delhi to Britain, only 8 hours  but timings may differ depending upon the weather conditions and traffic.

Study in United Kingdom

Qualifying criteria for undergraduate students

  • Completion of secondary education.
  • Proficiency in English language through standardized tests such as TOEFL OR IELTS.
  • Preparation of personal statement to showcase academic achievements, interests and motivation for pursuing a specific course.
  • References from academic staff such as teachers.
  • Personal statement explaining about the academic achievements and interests.
  • Some universities may require an additional entrance exam. So check the eligibility criteria before applying for the same.
  • Be prepared for the interview if required.
  • Should have a student visa.
  • Financial proof to cover all the expenses.
  • Plan for accommodation.
  • Prepare for pre-departure arrangements.

General eligibility criteria

  • For post-graduation programs, a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university is required.
  • English proficiency is required through standardized tests like IELTS, TOEFL and PTE.
  • Should be qualified in the entrance exams (if required by the institution or university)
  • Letter of recommendation by professors.
  • Be prepared for the interviews (if required).
  • Personal statement explaining academic background and interests.
  • Student visa is a must.
  • Proof to cover financial expenses.

Open the door to the world of British Traditions and begin your academic journey to study in the United Kingdom. We are one of the best study abroad education consultants to put forward an enormous number of universities that match your interests. We also help students in all UK study visa requirements and scholarship programs whether graduation, post-graduation or doctorate courses. Through our services, we want to empower all the students to access the wealth of educational opportunities and shape their future in UK.

In choosing our immigration services, we not only access our expertise but also become a part of a community built on trust and integrity. We always continue to bridge gaps and break down barriers to fulfill the dreams of the aspirants. So, get ready to explore the world’s campus where each country is a chapter waiting to be read.  Overseas Education Wala is here to seize the golden opportunities for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

The UK is the hub of the oldest universities and all are good. Few of them are –

  • University of Bristol
  • University of Manchester
  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • King’s college of London

Steps to apply for visa-

  • Choose a course and Institute.
  • Receive offer of Admission and prepare documents.
  • Complete the online application and pay the fee.
  • Book an appointment for Biometric enrollment and attend the visa interview after it.
  • Receive the decision and finally collect your biometric permit.

Popular courses for Indian students are-

  • Business and Management
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Law and many more.

UK living costs include accommodations, food, utilities (electricity, heating, cooling, water and garbage), internet and mobile phone, transportation, books along with study materials and health insurance. Hence, the total expenses usually depend on the lifestyle anyone chooses.

Yes, there are lots of scholarship programs available for Indian students-

  • Merit-based scholarships
  • University scholarships
  • Government scholarships
  • Chevening scholarships
  • Government scholarships and many more.

Yes, international students are generally allowed to work during their studies. Some common type of part-time jobs that students undertake during studies are-

  • Retail jobs
  • Hospitality and catering
  • Administrative and Office jobs
  • Research assistant positions
  • Delivery and courier services etc.
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