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The United States of America (USA) has been globally known for its innovative research opportunities, renowned academic institutions and diverse environment for studies and personal growth. The advent of globalization has opened the doorway for students more than the personal development, cultural enrichment and academic learning. USA has expanded the level of education at a great pace.

Today , the Internet has provided everyone with complete information related to abroad studies including universities, programs, courses, and world class faculty sitting at home.  Because of Globalization , students have started developing interest in study abroad. Students can easily access detailed information about courses, scholarships, universities and admission requirements through online forums, educational portals and university websites.

How can we  forget USA when talking about the endless academic excellence and bridge to global education and professional growth? Apart from classrooms, USA offers the perfect blend of cultural experiences, safety and comfort that fills up life with invaluable memories. USA boasts a world class education system and commits to emphasize creativity, real world skills, leadership that shapes the overall personality growth of a student. If studying abroad has been your dream then put an end to it by contacting Overseas Education Wala. Your dreams are our desires now! Your passion is our priority and we desire to cherish them with our top –notch assistance to meet your expectations. So, without giving a second thought, dare to dream for American Education and be a part of one of the top class universities there and shape your future. 

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USA University

Why choose USA for education?

World-Class Education

USA furnishes the best universities as well as outstanding education along with most advanced and trending opportunities.

Global Opportunities

USA prepares the international students with academic, cultural and adaptable experiences for their professional life in future.

Cultural Exposure

Explore cultural diversity, develop lifelong connections and innovative skills while pursuing a degree in the USA.

1.  Globally Accepted degrees: Degrees from America are globally accepted and respected. These are globally known to meet the high quality standards, teaching methods and diligent academic standards

2.  Earn money while pursuing higher studies: America allows international students to work and earn while they pursue their degree. They provide on campus part time jobs, off campus jobs with authorization, practical training programs etc.

3.  Flexible scholarship programs: Scholarship programs are meant to provide financial assistance to the students so that they do not have to sacrifice their dreams due to lack of finances. There are various scholarship programs with specific requirements which makes the access of Indian students very easy.

4.  Academic excellence: USA has been the home of top class universities and institutions. It maintains the high standards, achievements and contributions within the academic field with the help of world class, well qualified and motivated educators.

5.  Diverse Academic Opportunities:  Studies in USA provides multiple options to pursue a career. In this way, everyone has the chance to go ahead according to their interest and begin with the  professional journey they desire for. 

6.  Research Opportunities: America is known as the leader of research and innovation globally. Undergraduates and graduates, both are provided fellowships and research internships to study and experience the upcoming scenario after the completion of degrees.

Complete Guidance To study in USA

7.  Cultural Diversity:  American Campuses are filled with students from all over the world. America encourages the cultural diversity environment in their premises for the enhancement of professional growth among the students.

8.  Global Networking: It allows us to build a global network. Academic journey’s friendships are long lasting. These are helpful in the future if starting a business, and for businesses, networks are fruitful.  

9.  Internship and Work Opportunities: USA offers internships and hands-on experience on live projects to all the international students. This practical experience helps them to get employment easily even after their graduation.

10.  English Language Proficiency: English is a strong and valuable asset in the job market. Hence, while studying in the USA, English can be improved a lot which is also beneficial beyond the classroom.

11.  Innovation and Entrepreneurship: English is a language of multinational business.  Studies in America prepare the international students with proper internships and research training which makes them capable to start their own business or transit easily into a new industry.

12.  Career Advancements: Global career opportunities are offered here. Abroad studies can be helpful in promotions, easy transitions to a new industry and evolving capability to handle complex tasks.

13.  Personal growth and advancement: Studies in foreign countries always enhance the overall personality of individuals. This brings ample career opportunities for them.

14.  Exposure to different teaching methods: Students abroad experience foremost teaching methods which increases their critical thinking skills and adaptability. This fosters their personal growth and make them independent.

15.  Leadership and teamwork: Studies in America also develop leadership and teamwork expertise through group projects, team activities and management opportunities.

Qualifying criteria for undergraduate students

  • Letter of recommendation from academic staff.
  • 10+2 or 10+3 years of education to enroll in a UG degree.
  • Minimum 6 or 7 bands in English language proficiency exams such as IELTS.
  • Should have a student visa (F-1 visa) for American studies. This also involves submission of necessary documents and attending a visa interview at the US embassy.
  • Financial proof to cover the living expenses, tuition fees and other fees.
  • Must have health insurance because many universities might ask for that.
  • Highlight the achievements of extracurricular activities if any. Talent must be showcased and appreciated so do mention it.

General eligibility Criteria

  • For Graduates, a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university is required.
  • Proficiency in English language through standardized tests such as TOEFL or IELTS.
  • SAT is required for undergraduate admissions. Similarly, GRE for graduates.
  • Letter of recommendation from academic staff.
  • Completion and submission of university application form.
  • Student visa is required.

Journey to study in USA is a mortal adventure. Everyone might face challenges while adapting to a new educational environment. But remember change is always required for a good cause. So be ready for it because the future belongs to those who believe in their dreams.

However, Criteria may differ for specific universities and courses. Please reach to Overseas Education Wala for detailed information.  Our experienced team is always there to navigate your complexities by ensuring a smooth process. Feel free to make a call because your success story begins here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of studying in USA-

  • Academic excellence
  • Diverse range of programs
  • Global recognition
  • Proficiency in English
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship

Popular courses in USA are –

  • Computer science and information technology
  • MBA
  • Engineering( in various disciplines)
  • Biotechnology
  • Fine arts and performing arts

Popular universities are –

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)
  • Harvard University
  • California Baptist University
  • Dallas Baptist University
  • Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

There are few tips for all the students related to scholarship programs-

  • Research scholarship programs
  • Check with your chosen universities
  • Prepare a strong application
  • Seeks letters of recommendation
  • Explore government scholarships

Steps of visa process-

  • Receive acceptance from a US institution
  • Pay the SEVIS fee
  • Complete US visa application and pay fee
  • Schedule visa interview
  • Gather required documents
  • Attend the visa interview
  • Receive visa decision

Admission process-

  •  Research and choose university along with its dead lines
  • Take standardized tests.and fill application form
  • Provide standardized test score
  • Select a university and get enrolled after receiving an admission offer.

   Admission Requirements-

  • Academic transcripts and test scores
  • Letter of recommendation and personal documents
  • English language proficiency , application from and at last interview.
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