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About Us

Are you ready to explore the world and enlighten your career in abroad? Then we are here to chase your dreams of studying abroad.  We, Overseas Education Wala is one of the foremost immigration consultancy which provides the best immigration services. We provide the delve immigration mastery to all the individuals.  Our services include the complete canvas of study in a foreign land.  We are Johnny on the spot in services including visa applications, gathering important documents, and guidance for choosing the best educational program and institution.  We lend a hand to pursue studies in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Our Mission

Explore Abroad Services-

  • Guidance for academic studies in abroad
  • Counseling on choosing the best educational institution and program.
  • Information related to scholarships and finance.
  • Helping with the application process in overseas universities.

Visa encouragement

  • Furnishing complete information for visa in different countries.
  • Guidance in visa categories and acceptable criteria
  • Appointment scheduling for visa application
  • Assisting clients in case of visa denials

Prior Departure Services

  • Providing directions to start a new life in a new country.
  • Distributing information on local customs and laws.

On demand Services

  • Post arrival support such as airport pickups and initial accommodation.
  • Language and cultural training in the destination country.
  • Assisting information regarding rental agreements.
  • Information on currency exchange, banking and financial services.

 Support in emergency

  • Assistance in case of unforeseen situations.
  • Providing guidance on critical stages. 

Document Verification

  • Validation and authentication of documents immigration purpose.
  • Make sure that submitted documents meet the standard demands.     

Our Objectives

  1. Authorizing clients – Furnishing necessary information to the clients so that they can make wise decisions towards their immigration journey.

  2. Personalized assistance – Provide personalized support to every individual comprising detailed communication regarding all the process.

  3. Facilitating smooth service – Make sure that the process of application and documentation goes trouble- free.

  4. Ethical and efficient service– Delivering honest, truthful and client centric services by meeting the highest standards.

  5. On time services– Furnishing on time delivery of services and reducing stress of clients by saving their time throughout the immigration process, minimizing delays and avoiding unnecessary pitfalls.

  6. Continuous Updation – Being updated with the latest immigration policies, trends and regulations so that improved services are conveyed.

  7. Boost success— Maximize the successful immigration results by furnishing expert advice and counselling on visa application and residency permits.

  8. Education and alertness—Educating clients about the responsibilities and benefits that appear with immigration status, promote amalgamation and understanding of the host country’s culture.

Talk to us

Have you any questions regarding choosing the right destination, understanding the application process, exploring scholarship options, or anything else related to international education, I’m here to provide information and assistance.

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